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What Does Medicine Do?

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What Does Medicine Do?

Medicine is the science, art, and practice of treating a patient with a view to caring for them in their own special way and managing the treatment, cure, prevention or palliation of their disease or injury. Medicine covers a wide variety of medical practices developed to preserve and improve health by the preventative and therapeutic management of disease. There is also a sub-field of medicine called pharmacy medicine which mainly deals with the formulation and supply of drugs. While medicine has the objective of preserving life, it also aims at improving the quality of life.

The objective of medicine is to prevent illness thereby maintaining the person’s good health; however, when the person does get ill they try their level best to overcome the ailment. In some cases when the ailment cannot be cured even with medicinal treatment, the doctor may suggest surgery or other options. When a patient is in severe pain medicine tries to relieve the pain or take away the effects of the illness, such as nausea. The objective of medicine is to help in the recovery of the patients from their diseases.

The field of medicine is extremely varied and it includes all branches of medicine such as general practitioners, surgeons, therapists, nurses, pharmacists, etc., and it also encompasses the scientific research of medicine. When a disease or injury occurs the first aid given is normally from the family or friends. It is not until the condition has become more serious that the doctors begin to look for a specialist in the field of medicine. During the course of history mankind has been trying to heal its citizens from disease and adversity. History books tell us that the ancient Greeks and Romans were avid users of medicine to fight off epidemics and poverty and they relied on natural medicine to cure many of their ailments.